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    產品名稱 : YM155
    型號 : CR1009
    CAS : 781661-94-7
    備注:所有產品僅用作科學研究,我們不為任何個人用途提供產品和服務 : 
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    Description of:YM155
    YM155, a novel small molecule survivin inhibitor, suppressed expression of survivin and induced apoptosis in PC-3 and PPC-1 human HRPC cell lines at 10 nmol/L. In a s.c.xenogr afted PC-3 tumor model in mice, 3-day continuous infusions of YM155 at 3 to 10 mg/kg induced massive tumor regression accompanied by suppression of intratumoral survivin.Pharmacokinetic analyses indicated that YM155 is highly distributed to tumors and at concentrations f20-fold higher than those in plasma.

    Theoretical analysis:YM155
    M.Wt: 443.29
    Formula: C20H19BrN4O3
    Solubility: DMSO
    Purity: >99%
    CAS No: 781661-94-7
    Storage: at -20C 2 years

    Availability and price:
    We offer significant discount for larger quantity order.
    For quotation, question, and order, please send email to :

    Quality control data:
    Quality Control by H-NMR,C-NMR,LC-MS,HPLC.
    Product will be shipped with supporting analytical data.
    Fast delivery about 4-5 working days

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